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Detectives from different companies are united in Georgian detectives, who are distinguished by their professionalism and credibility.

Phone and Computer Spy

Mobile and PC spy software (Iphone, Android and WINDOWS PC)

Control (monitoring) of all types of mobile phones and computers.

We offer programs through which you can monitor any type of Iphone, Android and WINDOWS PC.

Detection of all types of cell phone and computer spyware (countermeasures)

We offer a program through which you will be able to detect whether your Iphone, Android and WINDOWS PC devices are controlled.

GPS control

Online monitoring

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone. For this, there is no need to install special programs either on the organization’s server or on the work computer, it is enough to access the WEB interface through a browser using a login and password.

Determining the exact location according to GPS.

Satellite navigation signals provide the most accurate determination of location, speed and direction of movement. Current and accurate information allows for online monitoring of devices and detailed movement history.

lie detector

We offer polygraph services. The service will be provided by the specialists of the association.

The service of a lie detector requires the consent of the person who is to be checked on the polygraph.

Polygraphy is done according to pre-prepared questions, the content and language of which must be agreed with the representative of the association in advance.

private detective

You can use our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Detection of surveillance device
Search for evidence
Cases of fraud
Divorce cases,
Search for a missing person

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